12 x 12 (Portrait of a delicate rose)

How to order a Portrait

  • First send me your photos by email                     <[email protected]>
  •  For a single portrait send your favourite photo or photos. For  more than one subject in your portrait, if they are on one photo, great, if you want me to put them into one portrait for you, send a few favourite photos of each, Pictures must be clear not blurry about 1200x1600 is good, ( but don't worry about that if you are unfamiliar with  a camera). I will  see what fits and place them together on one sheet. I will tell you after seeing your info, how I might do it. Some input from you might help (see contact page or send by email with photos), If you can  give me a bit of information about what you would like, I would appreciate that. I will then do a work up of my suggestions for you and return for approval.  Some ideas can be helpful. A basic sketch is done for a single portrait . and approved for basic position  before starting.
  • My  portraits are done with  Prismacolor and or Faber Castell polychromos pencils, but I do occasionally do the base colors in watercolors. If you prefer it all done in coloured pencil or watercolour please  let me know.
  • Papers are.... Arches 140 lb, Stonehenge, Bristol vellum, Stonehenge and Canson Mi Teintes. Depending on your wants, I will advise which would be best for your particular portrait. Roses done on canvas with Liquitex acrylics. Remember portraits are forever, and  the memory  of that special moment is magic. They can be hung in any room of the house and look as if they have always belonged there. Any questions you have, I am here to answer them. Thanks for visiting my website. 
  • ...Patara